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Auskick is about girls & boys learning skills,  making friends and having fun.  At KJFC we run Auskick programs for children in school years - Pre-primary,  Year 1 and Year 2.

Our program runs for approximately 12 weeks and is a great start for your child's football development.

We encourage parents to be involved in the training drills,  after all parents interact with their child on a more frequent basis than the coaches and can help develop the child's skills at home.

What you can expect from Kelmscott JFC - Auskick

  • Weekly training and games.

  • Gala Day at Fremantle oval.

  • At least one night game on our main oval.

  • End of year wind up and trophy presentation.

If you would like to register your child for Auskick at KJFC click here

If you have any queries please contact our Auskick coordinator here

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